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Taisha Tari

"Poipoia te Kanano kia puawai"

Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Creating music for me, is a connection to wairua, which is carried in melody and lyrics, that connects me to the heart where my tupuna live on.

 It is powerful medicine, it has the ability to heal and pierce through your heart like an arrow, and effect you for a lifetime..



A Call From My Heart

My home Aotearoa, a place that calls to me into the very depths of my heart. The whenua, the song from the moana, the whisper from the wind that speaks peace and says, rest now you are home...

As a young girl growing up in Napier, the one thing that made the world make sense was music. Growing up terribly dyslexic, meant I didn't understand letters, or there connection to sound. My mother brought me a guitar and at the age of eight, and  I wrote my 1st song "home-ward bird" From this point music became my language, my bubble of peace from the noise of the world that surrounded me.

I have had many opportunities through my singing career, sung in some amazing places with incredible artists. But what resonates most is this gift I get to carry, and the joy it gives to others. I believe sharing our waiata with others is far more powerful than just singing a song. It is our wairua's expression through sound. I hope you enjoy my music, my waiata. I hope it brings you joy, peace and healing.

If you would like a more detailed account of the things Ive done, please feel free to click on the link provided.



Want to learn more about Taisha Tari ,and her music Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

New Zealand

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